One of the great marketing schemes that drives the diet industry are the dramatic weight loss before and after pictures.  So many of us have been caught in the trap of buying videos, supplements, and other products because we saw these pictures and thought to ourselves that we could achieve the same results quickly.  The question we are always left with is whether or not any of these things work.  Is there really a dramatic weight loss diet?

There are a few things to remember about weight loss when we come across ingenious marketing techniques.  First of all, a healthy weight is not a short term matter – it is a lifetime decision.  Only  by committing ourselves to a process that works in the long run will be achieve the healthy results that we desire.  Although the pictures that we see appear to show short term results, I assure you that the folks with the healthy weight and lifetime have put in the long term commitment to make it that way.

Secondly, weight that is lost quickly is usually either water weight or through an unhealthy process.  The body needs time to adapt to lower calorie consumption.  Many fad diets just remove valuable water and nutrients for a short period of time.  As soon as the body normalizes, the weight returns.  These kinds of diets can not only be very frustrating because they can sometimes cause one to gain weight over time, they can have long term negative consequences for one’s health.

The most important key to dramatic weight loss is to make a lifestyle commitment.  One should commit to being a skinnier version of themselves and set definable goals that they can reasonably accomplish to make this happen.  If they do this, and have reasonable expectations, they will see dramatic results, and even better, these results will last a lifetime.

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